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Amplifying Global FX Capital was launched by Greg Gibbs in October 2015.

Before starting his own business, Greg was the Head of Asia Pacific Markets Strategy for RBS (since rebranded as Natwest Markets) based in Singapore.

Greg’s biography and working history that started as a graduate economist at Australia’s central bank in 1989  can be viewed here: (Greg Gibbs Bio).

From October 2015 to July 2019, Greg produced regular research reports for subscribers to our service. Our AmpGFX reports covered specific topics that were key to the direction of global financial markets. Our Real-Time Briefings were a timely analysis of events and outlined our trading strategy.

We have taken our research service in a new direction. We are now working with a small number of customers. (Contact us if you would like to know more).

What We Offer

  • Expertise in major FX and rates, and the Asia Pacific Region.
  • A capacity to apply research skills to any region or country’s financial markets.
  • Cross-market analysis (equity, credit, commodities, derivatives).
  • Strong writing, presenting and media skills.
  • Experience presenting to a wide range of customers, from corporate treasurers to portfolio managers around the world.
  • Sales and trading experience.
  • Operating a company with a financial services licence in Australia, well versed in global compliance issues related to financial research.

Top-Tier Service

Greg produced strategy research reports at global investment banks for many years.  We adhere to professional, institutional standards for research, ensuring our reports are grounded in analysis from public and verified sources, demonstrate that a range of factors has been considered, identify risks and present a balanced opinion.

At the same time, we know how to be concise, engaging, and state our view.

Greg has presented to portfolio managers and corporate treasurers at large and small companies around the world.  He understands how to meet the needs of investment teams, portfolio managers, and traders looking for an edge, or treasurers seeking to meet budget requirement and minimize risk.  He can help professionally promote the business relationship between your company and your customers while providing a valuable strategy service.

We understand and adhere to industry standards on dealing with material non-public information and other issues related to ensuring our relationship keeps your business operating within your code of conduct and compliant with government regulations.

Customised Service

We work with a small number of customers so that we can provide a tailored service.

We have worked extensively as part of large global research and strategy teams and can collaborate and provide content to complement existing in-house research teams.

We have considerable experience in the production and distribution of research content and want to work with you to develop the right strategy.


We understand that all financial institutions must adhere to high standards of compliance with legislation across the globe.  Our company is licensed to provide financial services by the Australian government regulator (ASIC).

Our licence requires that we adhere to the Australian Corporations Act 2001. We must make an annually audited submission to ASIC, maintain professional indemnity insurance, and membership to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority.

We have documented procedures and policies that set rules for our research reports that are consistent with the global standards for financial institutions.

Our Proposal

We are open to negotiating a contract based on the range and level of service we provide, and the degree of exclusivity of these services to your business.

We have ended our individual subscription model and plan to maintain relationships with up to five institutions. If you were to engage our services on a non-exclusive basis, you would agree that we could provide the same content to up to four other institutions.

For example, we could provide a regular comprehensive research report, tailored to your requirements, paired with an online video presentation and a weekly conference call.

There is a range of additional services that we could provide. For instance, a quick analysis of events as they occur, be available on call to discuss views and address upcoming events, and make presentations in person or via online conference media or on the phone.

We work from our office in Breckenridge, Colorado. But Greg Gibbs is prepared to travel.  We could discuss an annual service fee for an agreed number of hours of work, and number of trips for presentations.

Working from our location on a contract basis, you avoid the on-boarding and work-station costs of a research analyst.  This includes data and news service costs.  Greg Gibbs is a Bloomberg subscriber and has access to its communication tools that are widely used in the financial services industry.

Please let us know if you would like to discuss further.

Kind Regards,

Greg Gibbs
Founder, Analyst, & PM
Amplifying Global FX Capital Pty Ltd

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