Financial Services Guide

This Financial Services Guide has been prepared by Amplifying Global FX Capital Pty Ltd (“AmpGFX,” “we,” “us,” “our”) to assist you in deciding whether to use any of the financial services offered by us.

It provides information about:

  • Who we are
  • The financial services we provide
  • How we are remunerated
  • Potential conflicts of interest
  • How we deal with complaints

If you require further information of clarification, please contact us.

Business Description

Amplifying Global FX Capital Pty Ltd provides general advice on global financial markets with a focus on foreign exchange to retail and wholesale clients.  AmpGFX was incorporated in 2015 and is fully-owned and managed by Greg Gibbs.

Greg Gibbs has had extensive experience working in foreign exchange, fixed income and derivative markets at the Reserve Bank of Australia and several global investment banks (from 1989 to 2015). From 2001, Greg wrote macroeconomic driven FX research for clients of the banks he worked for and presented at regular small client briefings and larger client seminars in senior FX strategist roles.

AmpGFX produces FX research reports that are primarily distributed on our website and via several third-party research platforms operated by separate companies. We earn subscription revenue from these reports.

AmpGFX also actively manages its own capital for profit, trading mostly in FX, but also in interest rate, government bond and commodity futures.

In the future, we intend to offer to manage the trading accounts only for wholesale clients. We intend to use only the same trading strategies that we employ for our own capital.  This will replicate the trading performance we achieve on our own capital, subject to the degree of risk employed in agreement with clients. We intend to earn a management fee based on a percentage of the capital managed and the trading performance.

Financial Services License

Our financial services are provided by our company, Amplifying Global FX Capital Pty Ltd, incorporated in Australia. Company details:

  • ACN: 605 249 134
  • ABN: 81 605 249 134
  • Registration date: 13 April 2015
  • Registered Office Address: 699 Captains Flat Road, Carwoola NSW 2620
  • Regulator: Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC)

Our Company, Amplifying Global FX Capital Pty Ltd (ABN: 81 605 249 134) is licensed as an Australian Financial Services Licensee (AFSL) pursuant to section 913B of the Corporations Act 2001.

This license authorizes AmpGFX to carry on a financial services business to:

Provide general financial product advice for the following classes of financial products:

  • deposit and payment products limited to:
  • basic deposit products;
  • deposit products other than basic deposit products;
  • derivatives;
  • foreign exchange contracts; and
  • debentures, stocks or bonds issued or proposed to be issued by a government;

to retail and wholesale clients.

Our Office Structure and Operations

Amplifying Global FX Capital Pty Ltd maintains offices in two locations, one in Australia and one in the United States of America.

Australia office:

699 Captains Flat Rd

Carwoola, NSW 2620

Phone number: +61 417 269 464

USA Office:

372 Revett Dr

Breckenridge, Colorado 80424

Phone number: +1 970 409 2877


Greg Gibbs, the sole owner, founder, and manager, lives and works most of the year in the USA office, although frequently travels to Australia and other parts of the world to visit clients and contacts.  He is the primary author of the research reports provided by our company and the portfolio manager of our own capital.

Robert Gibbs is a director of the company and resides in Australia and lives in the Australian office.  He is a business manager.

Our Financial Services

We produce a regular report called the ‘AmpGFX Report.’  These reports are our macroeconomic analysis of global financial markets, with a focus on foreign exchange.  These draw on the analysis of Greg Gibbs and inform the capital management he undertakes on behalf of our company.  These reports provide only general advice and do not constitute personal investment advice (please see our “important notice” below).

These reports are provided to retail and wholesale customers that may purchase individual reports or subscribe to receive these reports on an annual basis (via our ‘AmpGFX member’ subscription).

We also provide detailed information about our trading strategy including entry level, stop loss and take profit levels, and commentary explaining the strategy. These trades may be in foreign exchange, and interest rate, government bond, and commodity futures. The information is provided immediately after we have traded, as soon as is practical, via email and text application services.  These trading strategy notes also constitute only general advice (please see our “important notice” below).

These trading strategies are provided to retail and wholesale customers that subscribe to our ‘Real Time’ membership on an annual basis.  These subscribers also receive the ‘AmpGFX report.’

In the future, we plan to offer a service only to wholesale clients to manage their trading accounts.  These clients will provide AmpGFX with a limited power of attorney to trade in their trading account at a third-party broker on the clients’ behalf. Under this arrangement, AmpGFX will not hold client funds.  The trades on behalf of clients will replicate those undertaken by AmpGFX in our own trading account, utilizing an allocation tool that apportions single trades across our account and all our client accounts according to a pre-set key that reflects the funds held in client accounts and a risk tolerance band specified by the client. We will provide this service in exchange for a payment based on a percentage of the clients’ funds held in their trading account and the profits earned in these accounts.

We are developing relationships with several other companies that provide financial services similar to ours.  These companies also provide written reports on global financial markets.  We may in future provide access to these services on our company website to our subscribers.  AmpGFX would only feature reports on its website that meet the same standards of quality that we apply to our existing ‘AmpGFX reports.’ These reports will also only constitute general advice (please see our “important notice” below).

Important Notice

The information and general advice we provide or which is provided on our behalf, including in our ‘AmpGFX report’ or any information on our website, does not constitute personal investment advice. It has been prepared without taking into account your particular objectives, financial situation or needs.

Trading in foreign exchange, financial securities and derivatives can involve substantial risk. You should, before acting upon any of the information or advice provided by us, consider the appropriateness of the advice in light of your own objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consult your personal financial adviser before making any investment decision. If you do not have a personal financial adviser, you should contact a financial adviser or stockbroker who is licensed to provide you with personal financial product advice. Your financial adviser will provide you with a Statement of Advice (SoA).

If you are seeking to acquire a specific financial product or security, you should obtain a copy of and consider, the Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”) or Prospectus for that product before making any decision.

How Does AmpGFX Earn Revenue

We are getting paid for providing our research reports and trading strategy notes to retail and wholesale clients.  In future, we plan to earn revenue for trading on behalf of wholesale clients.

Our ‘AmpGFX reports’ are provided primarily on a subscription basis where we charge a fixed fee to receive our reports on an annual basis.  We also allow clients to buy individual ‘AmpGFX reports’ for a fee set at the time the report is posted on our website.

Subscribers access our reports from our website via a login procedure including a username (email address) and password.

‘AmpGFX reports’ are also posted on third party research portals (websites) operated by separate companies.  These companies may have their own subscription models and pay our company based on a metric which includes the readership of our reports on their portal.  Alternatively, these companies may take a percentage of the subscription fee charged by our company if clients subscribe to our reports via their (third-party) portal.

AmpGFX has no ownership, control or direct relationship with any other company, including these third party research portals.  We do not control the content on these other research portals other than that in our own ‘AmpGFX reports.’  All these companies have their own compliance procedures and require their other research providers and us to agree to reps and warranties as to the content of our research consistent with their regulatory environment.

Our Trading Strategy notes are only provided directly from our company, posted on our website and emailed or sent via text service.  These notes are only provided to subscribers to our ‘Real Time’ membership for a fixed annual fee.

In future, AmpGFX may engage in business relationships with other financial services companies to provide our ‘AmpGFX reports,’ and trading strategy notes to their customers. We would do so on a commercial arrangement where we earned a fee for this service.

Alternatively, we may allow other financial companies to sell subscriptions to our “AmpGFX” and “Real Time” membership options, described above, to their client base.  We would expect to earn a share of the subscription fee income.

In future, we plan to trade on behalf of wholesale clients in their trading accounts under a limited power of attorney.  While we will not hold these clients funds, we would charge fees based on a percentage of the amount of funds held in these clients’ trading accounts and the profits earned in these accounts.

In future, AmpGFX may feature other reports written by analysts at other companies or employees of our company.  Some of these reports may have their own subscription models, or be distributed under our “AmpGFX” and “Real Time” subscription services. We would pay a fee based on a metric including readership to these other companies’ or our employees’ reports.

Greg Gibbs, the sole equity owner of AmpGFX, founder, and manager, is also the sole financial analyst and portfolio manager.  He does not receive a salary and is remunerated by way of a share of profits.  Other employees receive a salary.


Managing Conflicts of Interest

AmpGFX is 100% owned by our representatives. All representatives are required to service the best interests of our subscribers, without consideration of any commercial or personal interests.

We require all authors of reports distributed by our company, including on our website, to only express views that accurately reflect the authors’ personal opinions about the currencies and other financial securities and derivatives referenced and any other subject matter discussed.

We require all authors to conduct substantial analysis and use reputable sources of information and data.  The sources must not be non-public.

We require all authors not to take any payment or be commissioned to write a report on any specific currency, financial security or derivative, or hold any specific opinion.

The authors of our reports are actively trading for their own benefit.  We require the opinions expressed in their reports to be consistent with their trading strategy.  This does not mean that opinions expressed must always suggest that an existing open trade is projected be profitable.  Opinions may express a range of risks that are constantly changing, and pre-existing trading strategies may have been established under previous conditions that have changed.

Authors are reminded that they may not express opinions designed to influence the market to move in a way that is beneficial to trades they hold or would like to hold.  They must not attempt to manipulate market direction to benefit themselves or anyone else.  Nevertheless, frequently opinions will be expressed that are aligned with the authors’ open trades, since authors are setting trades consistent with their opinions.  And these trades are expected to be the same as those they are recommending to clients.

The author of the AmpGFX report is also managing the company’s own capital. The author must disclose all trades undertaken on behalf of our company to its “Real Time” subscribers.  These trades and the trading strategy must be disclosed as soon as possible and practical after it has been implemented or altered.

The author of AmpGFX reports may not own and manage a separate trading account held outside our company (in a name or beneficiary other than AmpGFX) that trades in the same currencies and securities discussed in the AmpGFX reports or traded on behalf of our company.

AmpGFX capital is managed in only one trading account held in the name of the company.  All trades and only those trades recommended to “Real Time” subscribers are executed in this AmpGFX trading account.  This ensures that the trading profits of AmpGFX and the remuneration of its representatives are aligned with the performance of its trade recommendations and the opinions expressed in its ‘AmpGFX reports.’

The actual trading results (percentage returns) of the AmpGFX trading account are disclosed at monthly intervals on the AmpGFX company website.  Clients are therefore able to compare our performance against the trading advice we provide in our reports


Complaints process

We try to adhere to the highest standards of conduct at all times. Nevertheless, we understand there may be times when you would like to make a complaint about our services. If you have a complaint about the service provided to you, please take one of the following steps:

Contact our customer service officer via email at:

Or write to us at:

The Complaints Officer

Amplifying Global FX Capital Pty Ltd

P.O. Box 873

Queanbeyan, NSW 2620



We will try to resolve the complaint as soon as possible, but it will be resolved within 45 days, or it will be referred to the Credit and Investments Ombudsman (CIO) a dispute resolution scheme which is authorised to deal with complaints in the financial and investment industry.

You may also contact CIO to deal with complaints. Amplifying Global FX Capital is a member of CIO (Membership Number: M0032175). CIO will facilitate discussions and negotiations between the parties to help reach an agreement and provide an independent adjudicator if necessary. There is no fee to for this service. The complaints resolution procedure is found on its website: