Our Services

Research reports for your customers and to support your in-house investment process:

Our rebooted  AmpGFX report is a meaty coverage of cross-asset markets, with a focus on foreign exchange.  It opens with a summary of our key thoughts and outlook,  covers global asset and currency marktes, identifying themes, drivers, risks, and upcoming events, and is released for the market open on a Monday morning.  It is an exclusive report intended for a small number of institutions and their customers.

Tailored Research content:

We can hone in on specific regions, currencies or asset classes to provide content that compliments and can be combined with your own research product.

On-Call Strategy:

Call in for a run-down on recent events or a quick view on a market to help you adjust your strategy or to prep for your customer call.

Get a second opinion to test your own theories, or discuss market developments to help hone your own strategy.

Ask what we are looking at, get an insight on how we look at markets

Set up a   conference call with your team or customers.

If you would like to more about our services please contact us