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Thank you very much for registering to be one of our readers.

We started Amplifying Global FX Capital in October 2015, producing our “AmpGFX report”, two to three times per week for about a year and a half now, while trading our own capital.

In a few weeks, we will introduce a new service called “AmpGFX Real Time”

And we will ask you for an annual subscription to receive our “AmpGFX report.”

Our “Real Time Members” will receive emails and WhatsApp messages when we trade for our own account, including our entry levels and related orders.  We will also send you additional timely market commentary related to our trades and other developments.

We have been busy with our website developers to improve our site to allow you to subscribe on-line to our “AmpGFX reports” or our new “Real Time Member” service (that includes the AmpGFX reports).

I have launched the new website today, so please take a look. (  Don’t panic just yet, the AmpGFX reports are still visible for free until the end of this month.

See my report posted on Monday: As Geopolitical Risk Rises, US Political Risk Eases.

Many of you that have followed my research reports over the years know that I have been writing and presenting on FX most of my working life, at investment banks, before branching out with my own business in 2015.

In December 2015, my family relocated from Singapore to Breckenridge Colorado, and I continue to work from my home office here in Summit County.  We have been settling into a very different way of life in 2016 and now into 2017.

While we are living in a ‘ski-town’, I am very much still engaged in the FX market and aim to build a serious business over the long-term.

I am planning to visit Australia and Asia in May and the USA North East and Europe in August to meet my customers and discuss markets.  If you would like to meet, please drop me a line/email!

My reports are intended for both institutional and individual retail investors.  Some of you work for financial institutions as part of a team and may want to negotiate a single subscription for your group. You may also want to provide our reports to your own customers.  We will invite you to contact us directly to discuss subscriptions for a group of users and negotiate a reasonable fee based on the number of members.

The nature of the financial markets research industry is changing.  Indeed, the financial industry along with much of the business world has been undergoing disruption. Banks and investment firms continue to face new regulatory arrangements.

Research is becoming more disentangled from banks that have traditionally run large research teams.  This process is set to accelerate in January 2018 when MiFID II takes effect in Europe. These regulations will essentially force global investment banks and brokers to ‘unbundle’ research from execution.  Already banks are preparing for this change that will require them to charge customers directly for research. And fund managers will have to maintain a specific budget to pay for research.

It follows that since research will no longer be essentially free for institutions, that they will be more discerning on where they get their research.

A number of independent research firms are popping up, while banks are rationalizing their research teams.  The quality of research will be more carefully scrutinized in the context of ‘value for money.’

Research is also becoming more digital with banks and brokers investing more in their on-line platforms and a new industry in on-line ‘research marketplaces’ is developing.  These marketplaces aggregate research content from an array of big and small research firms and offer users the opportunity to find the research they are looking for from one place; a bit like Expedia for travel.

When our subscription services commence, you will also find our AmpGFX report on these on-line platforms. However, our Real Time Member services – specific trading advice and commentary – will only be distributed directly and available on our website.

Amplifying Global FX Capital is an Australian registered company (ABN: 81 605 249 134) licensed in Australia to provide financial services (AFSL: 477601).  When you subscribe to receive our AmpGFX report or Real Time Member services, you will be contracting with our Australian company, and should feel reassured that you are dealing with a company that has been granted a licence by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and must undergo annual audits, continuing professional development and meet high standards of operation and conduct.

Our research service is truly independent; we have no other objective other than to analyze global financial markets for the purpose of finding profitable trading opportunities.  We are trading our own advice, so you always get research reports written from the viewpoint of a trader.

We maintain only one trading account held in the name of our company.  Each and every trade we make will be reported as soon as possible to our Real Time Members, and our trading performance is disclosed on our website, updated monthly.

We will endeavor to maintain a high standard of analysis and improve our content.  We hope you have enjoyed reading our reports and will consider subscribing to continue reading them in future.

We obtained a variation on our AFSL in February this year to allow us to trade on behalf of wholesale customers.  We anticipate offering a service in coming months where we manage your account to achieve the same trading results as us.  We will allow our Real Time members to transfer over to this service, although there will be a minimum investment, management fees will apply and you must meet the criteria as a wholesale customer.  More details will be provided at a later date to interested parties.

Kind Regards,
Greg Gibbs
Founder, Analyst, and PM
Amplifying Global FX Capital Pty Ltd
+1 970 409 2877


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