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Tap into Greg’s Trading Strategy


Greg has been developing his trading track record since March 2013, and intends to actively trade his own capital.  The results will be posted on an end-month basis in the “Trading Performance” section of this website.  While the “AmpGFX” report will provide insights into his views, “Real Time Analysis” will include specific updates on Greg’s trades with brief discussion setting out targets and stop losses.

“Real Time Analysis” will also include more in-depth analysis of specific events and market issues. And shorter comments on events and data as they occur.  This may include Greg’s own trading strategy ahead of and immediately in response to key events, such as monetary policy statements or data releases.

Real Time Analysis subscribers will be part of a small highly exclusive group.  The aim is to provide a high value service to professional investors and traders.


On Call Strategist


We have set aside premium service packages for up to a maximum of 5 customers.  This service effectively allows you to hire Greg as your company’s market strategist.  As a base you receive “Real Time Analysis”; in addition you are invited to keep regular direct contact with Greg.

You will have a dedicated online chat with Greg to facilitate enquiry and discussion.  Greg will be available for scheduled conference calls and in general be able to take calls when otherwise not engaged.

You can ask Greg to investigate and research items of your interest, and within reason he can write reports on these topics.

In effect you will negotiate to contract a share of Greg’s time as a market strategist for your firm.


Consulting Service


You can contact Greg to help with your projects.  This may be a report that you need to prepare or specific analysis you would like to inform your investment or hedging strategy.  Greg is also available for one-off conference calls and to present in person to your team, board or customer event.


If you are interested in our premium services, please contact me to discuss.



Greg Gibbs

Director, Amplifying Global FX Capital

ph: +1 970 409 2877